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Celebrating 200 years of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Mike Carter (IWA Chester) sends early information:

To mark the Leeds & Liverpool Canal 200 year anniversary, we are organising a big festival in Liverpool Eldonian Village on 10-12 June 2016. (This event is also a good opportunity to celebrate the 1968 IWA National Rally which was held at the same site.) As at our previous festivals in Northwich and Chester, which were great successes, we are eager to involve historic boats.  Specifically we would like to feature historic boats and boat families at the centre of the festival. We are expecting a lot of interest so here are the early details.

IWA Leeds & Liverpool Canal Festival, Eldonian Village, Liverpool.  A community led Waterways Festival to mark 200 years since the L&L canal was officially opened. We are working with the Eldonian Association, Culture Liverpool, CRT North West and the City Council who are very supportive and want to make this a big event for both visitors and Liverpool residents. In addition we expect Sefton to put on a similar event on the canal in the Litherland area in the week leading up to our IWA festival, and there's more, as Liverpool City will be hosting the River Mersey Festival over the weekend before our IWA festival.  Thus we are expecting lots of interest. As mentioned this is a community-led festival with schools and community groups directly involved. Liverpool Culture Company have come up with lots of ideas for land side features, they will be sponsoring the land based entertainment.

Please spread the word and let me know if you will be interested in getting involved and/or bringing a historic boat so we can make arrangements for the boats and any land side features that you may wish to bring along.

Contact IWA Chester and Merseyside branch for further details.

10/06/2016 to 12/06/2016