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Dr Lucy Waldron - Editor

Lucy is a third-generation boater and was raised on a converted butty boat for the first 3 years of her life. As a child her family owned FMC Daffodil and they spent a great deal of time at canal digs at the BCLM, various parts of the Staffs and Worcs and at Ashtac. As an adult boater, she initiated and organised the restoration of the tar boat Stour at the BCLM until 2005, and owned the little Woolwich Cepheus and later (as currently) Midland & Coast The North.

Lucy has worked as a steering trainer with the BW Historic Fleet in the late 90’s and early 00’s, and appeared in training videos using those boats. She has done a fair bit of single-handed working boating, including with a 15 hp bolinder (FMC Jaguar and Cactus), although a disability now prevents this. She enjoys attending boating do’s, where she is normally involved in boaters' games and musical evenings (making up silly songs).

Although Lucy now mainly resides in NZ, she usually is in the UK for around 3 months of the year living on The North and ensuring work meetings coincide with major boat rallies.