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AGM - responses to questions

The club's AGM was conducted by Zoom software on Saturday 13 March 2021.

Members submitted a series of questions in advance to guest speaker Stuart Mills, the Chief Investment Officer of the Canal and River Trust. Stuart addressed the questions that fell within his remit during his presentation. Answers and comments on the remaining questions were provided afterwards by other Trust staff and can be found here (HNBC member's pages, you will need to log in to see them).

Red diesel for boats

The government published its response on 3 March 2021 to its consultation on the use of red diesel. The good news for boaters in mainland UK waters is contained in paragraphs 4.6 and 4.7, different rules apply for Northern Ireland:

4.6 Following consultation, the government has decided to maintain the entitlement to use red diesel beyond April 2022 for all commercial boat operating industries, including but not limited to the fishing and inland water freight industries. 

Restricted access for wide beamed boats

Canal & River Trust has confirmed in a notice dated 11 February 2021 that wide beamed boats may only use parts of the north Oxford canal if they are booked to do so.

"The north Oxford Canal between Braunston Junction and Hillmorton Locks is a narrow canal, not suitable for wide-beam craft. 

Access to the marinas on the north Oxford is permitted but only at pre-agreed times and must be done in a single journey (i.e. not stopping between the marina and the destination)."