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Locks that are known to be tight

March 2021:
  • Hurleston Lock 4 (bottom lock) – still fairly tight between the copings near the top gate. One of our members has had a problem here. However, if you struggle here you will probably find Lock 3 more difficult.
  • Hurleston Lock 3 – there is a bulge at the lower gates which may cause problems for some boats. This can usually be overcome by dropping the short pound to squeeze underneath it. The volunteer lock keepers are aware of this.
  • Grindley Brook Lock 3 (bottom lock of staircase) – reported by CRT to be very tight for historic boats, but no problems reported so far.
  • New Marton Top Lock – CRT have done a laser survey and identified this as another tight lock for full beam boats.
  • Montgomery Canal, Frankton Lock 2 – minimal clearance for a full beam boat.